In Peak Flu Season, UC Riverside's Dr. Cedric Rutland, M.D. Highlights its Impact on The Black Community | Black Voice News
February 2, 2019 Andrea M. Baldrias | Contributor As flu season peaks, UC Riverside's Dr. Cedric Rutland provides important information regarding the Black community and flu vaccinations. According to the Center for Disease Control, 7.3 million people have already been impacted by the flu this season. 26 percent of Black homes are multi-generational which means a higher likelihood that families might spread the flu to one another. MD Magazine reported Black teens have five percent lower rates of receiving flu vaccination, which also increases the likelihood of spreading the flu. Dr. Rutland highlighted, "Influenza vaccination rates (defined as having received a flu vaccination in the last 12 months) are lowest among Blacks and Hispanics. At 34 percent, both groups are significantly lower than American Indians or Alaska Natives, Whites, or Asians. The rate among Blacks was 25 percent lower than the rate among Whites in 2017, the latest year of data available," (Source is CDC's