Spending Against Dialysis Ballot Measure in California Nears Record | Black Voice News
Harriet Rowan Contributor With the midterm election less than three weeks away, the dialysis industry has made Proposition 8 the most expensive on the ballot this year. By the time Nov. 6 rolls around, the industry may also break the record for spending by one side on a statewide ballot measure. As of Oct. 17, dialysis companies have contributed more than $104 million to the "Vote No on 8" committee,which is encouraging voters to reject the union-backed measure to limit dialysis company profits. Industry giants DaVita and Fresenius Medical Care, which operate nearly three-quarters of the chronic dialysis clinics in California, are responsible for more than 90 percent of that total. The $104 million figure comes to about $1,500 for each of the roughly 66,000 dialysis patients in California who the industry warns could be harmed by the measure. "When you see this much money in play, it indicates there's a lot of money at stake," said Kati Phillips, spokeswoman for California Common Cause