"FACTS" ARE NOT TRUTHS | Black Voice News
"Just because they say it is so does not make it so" was made crystal clear to me from my European dominated educational system. Since then, doing 55 years of intensive Black History research--starting in 200,000 BC when Humankind appeared in Ethiopia, Africa's Afar beautiful, snow-capped Rwenzori ("rainmaker") Mountains—that has been my invariable experience. Most instances have derived from intensively studying significant life-shaping and life-changing words. Such is part of publishing 20 Afrocentric dictionaries (averaging 600 pages each)--often going through up to 1000 books per word. To accept what is not purely in keeping with the Cosmic Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural is to fashion false beliefs and opinions by which to live life. They, based upon unexamined assumptions, are often so flawed as for one to wind up in a cesspool of thoughts, feelings, expressions, and deeds. Being socialized and taught things that "SEEM" right conditions