Senate Public Safety Committee Approves Continuation of Bill Restricting Use of Force | Black Voice News
Manny Otiko California Black Media After more than an hour of heated comments and testimony last week, the Senate Public Safety Committee voted to allow Assembly Bill 931 to proceed. AB 931 restricts police officers from using deadly force only when a life is at stake. Assemblymember Shirley Weber (D-San Diego), one of the authors of the bill, said police legislation needed to be updated because they were currently working on a law that was written in 1872. She also presented some startling statistics. According to Weber, last year police killed 162 people in California and half of them were unarmed. California also led the nation in police killings. Another person who testified in favor of AB 931 was Les Simmons, a pastor and member of Sacramento ACT. Simmons said he went to St. Louis, Mo. to minister to the people after Michael Brown was killed in 2014, only to see the same kind of thing was happening in his town. Simmons said that he used to be a police chaplain, but he had to