Civil Rights Activist Plans Tour of Detention Facility, Says 'It's a Moral Issue' | Black Voice News
Manny Otiko California Black Media Rev. Shane Harris, a San Diego civil rights activist, is part of a group of clergies who have rallied in support of migrant families being detained at the southern border. Harris staged a protest outside the Otay Mesa Detention Center on Friday. He will conduct a tour of the facility on Wednesday. Migrants have been coming to the United States, fleeing poverty and violence, for several decades, but the Trump administration recently instituted a new policy that separated parents from their children. About 3,000 families have been affected so far. Former Immigration and Naturalization Service INS which is now known as ICE agent Damon Alexander said this is not a new issue. He saw the same situation when he was working for the agency in the 1990s. In those days, people were fleeing political violence in Honduras. "Back then it was the death squads," he said. What's different is the amount of media attention. Alexander also pointed out that if you are