Democrats Approve $200B Budget That Sets Aside Money for Low-Achieving Students and More | Black Voice News
Manny Otiko California Black Media The California Senate has approved an almost $200 billion budget which set asides money for several issues that progressive groups deem important such as education, homelessness and transportation. The budget also approves $300 million for schools to boost the academic performance of underachieving students. This was an issue that black voters and legislators had lobbied for. However, it is a compromise with Assemblywoman Shirley Weber (D-San Diego) who had requested ongoing funding for this project. The $300 million is a one-time funding allocation. "We cannot look the other way anymore. African-American kids in California persistently fall behind academically," said Weber when she was lobbying for the funding. "And this problem is not limited to low-income students either. Parents have been patiently waiting for something to change, but it has not. Providing additional resources for the lowest-performing students is now no longer an option, but a