Law Enforcement Reps Get Ear Full in State Senate Hearing | Black Voice News
Manny Otiko California Black Media State Sen. Steven Bradford (D-Gardena) had harsh words for law enforcement officials during a California State Senate's Committee on Public Safety hearing. Bradford lashed out at law enforcement officials during a discussion on Senate Bill 1421 authored by Nancy Skinner, a bay area representative, requires police agencies to open their records during officer misconduct cases. Bradford made a pointed remark about the makeup of law enforcement organizations. During public testimony, supporters of the bill shared their support for the bill and their stories, including the uncle of Oscar Grant (who was shot in the back in the San Francisco area,). However, Bradford noticed that all the victims of police violence were black and brown and all the people representing police organizations where white. He said, "Why doesn't law enforcement fear for their lives when they're approaching white men?" Bradford added that since he had been in the state legislature,