Rockhounding in Mojave Trails National Monument | Black Voice News
6/8/18 One of the lesser-known pursuits on public lands in California is "rockhounding," which is the collection and recreational study of rocks and mineral specimens collected from their natural environment by rockhounds - amateur geologists and rock enthusiasts. Southern California, with great access to nearby public lands, is a great place for a rockhound like me to live. For example, there are incredible rockhounding opportunities in the Mojave Trails National Monument, a stunning mosaic of rugged mountain ranges, ancient lava flows, and spectacular sand dunes. Members of clubs like the Orange Belt Mineralogical Society (OBMS), which I belong to, hunt there for rocks which we use to develop our lapidary skills and fabricate jewelry and rock artifacts. For rockhounds in our club, two of the most visited sites within Mojave Trails are the Cady Mountains, east of Barstow, and the Marble Mountain Fossil Bed, near Amboy. These areas are home to magnificent chalcedony and rhombohedra