Aputure 120D – Great Daylight Balanced Light | Black Raven Films
The Aputure 120D is a great light. There are a ton of reviews out there on this light and after reading and watching what others had to say, I was eager to get my hands on it. Pros Daylight Balanced: Its SOOOOOOOOO nice having a daylight balanced light. We've been using tungsten lights for years, they're cheap and versatile, but for interviews where there is natural daylight in the scene, they don't play well with the sun. Gelling is a problem because you lose a ton of light transmission using CTB's. The color temp on these lights is around 6000k and looks great blended with whatever natural light is coming in. Easy to Modify: Having a single light source means you can cut it. 1x1's are great for their slim design, but they suck for modifying. All those tiny lights don't play well with things like barn doors and flags, creating multiple shadows. Soft boxes can help 1x1's, but they're usually not much bigger than the 1x1, leaving you with a relatively small light source