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Create your own standard and live up to it Life is a long journey, for years, you have travelled through the life and now you are approaching a different phase, you ask several questions to enable you to fully express yourself, in fact your knowing yourself will help you discover what lies ahead of you. The key discovery lies in your willingness to enter fully into experiences that can be positive forces to enhance the shaping of your vision - of yourself. To know and to appreciate the kind of person that you are will be both an invitation and challenge. It is an invitation for you to look deeply into yourself, to learn how gifted you are. It is a challenge to make a personal decision to enhance those gifts and do something about your shortcomings. It is when you accept this invitation and challenge that you allow, you expand your consciousness of your being. Only then can you say, " I love and appreciate the person that I am." Can you say this to youself? Our self image is formed by