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English: 85. Functions and Use Scenarios Mapping to Requirements and Goals (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Set those goals and start moving Have you one day sat in a quiet corner of your garden, watching birds and suddenly start wondering why some people have the ability to accomplish a lot? Such people know where they are headed and exude an enviable confidence. The answer to this question is that effective goal setting is one of their keys to success. You may be working very hard at what you do, but without setting your goals you will find that your hard work does not yield any meaningful results. You will reach a point where you will find yourself at crossroads and asking yourself which road to take. You can take a moment here and ask yourself where you really want to go. If your inner self tells you "I don't care much where I want to go", then as a result you will wonder aimlessly in your journey. Here, in essence you travel the road of life without a specific direction, or "goal". Very