Is It Really My Inner Voice or My Imaginations? | Fancywriter Blog
Inner voice Call it inner wisdom, intuition, insight or guidance - whatever term you use, this is the little voice inside you that represents the real you. It is the you after stripping away society's standards and expectations - and everyone else's. Listening to your inner wisdom helps you connect with others on a deeper level. It allows you to be most genuine, most real and most available for true connection. And it is simply almost satisfying. Have you ever had similar things happen that cause you to pause? Or have you ever seen things that play out in your life over and over again, but you are not quite sure what the lesson is, or how to change the outcome from bad one to good one? You then ask yourself are these things real or Imaginations? Real inner voice or superstitious. But how can one tell, how can you tell the difference between a thought that is erroneous or merely superstitious, and one that is truely comming from the inner voice, the voice that knows the self, the