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Culture and society This blog is about the culture of Nubian community who live in East Africa, particularly in Kenya. The writer has sensed the danger of dwindling in the values or activity of the Nubian culture in this area. What is culture? Culture can be described as the way of life of a particular society or a group of people including pattern of thought, belief, behavior, customs, traditions, rituals, dress and language, as well as art, music and literature. Culture is a powerful human tool for survival, but is a fragile phenomenon. It is constantly changing and is easily lost because it is not written. Nubians need to keep their traditions and culture alive so that they can continue to pass it on from one generation to another. To revive the Nubian culture and make it vibrant, the starting point would probably be to borrow from the work of Craig Constantine and continue to build up from there. The art exhibition is one way of viewing their identity and its contribution to the