10 Commandments For Juice Diet | Fancywriter Blog
Juice (Photo credit: hepp) Important instructions Fruit and vegetable juices are the best form of the natural food. This is because they contain a large number of nourishing and disease-fighting nutrients like vitamins, minerals and enzymes. This blog throws light on such healing power of fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Several hundred years ago, a great Athenian philosopher known as Socrates said: " Diet is health, diet is medicine ." If you take to juice diet you should follow the important instructions given below: You should distinctly determine the purpose of the juice diet, Whether you want to adopt it for the purpose of maintaining health or getting relief from disease. This should be very clear. The intake of juice-diet should be regular. If the purpose of taking the juice-diet is to get rid of virulent and chronic diseases, then you should follow the juice diet systematically and with all earnestness. You should take a fixed quantity of juice at predetermined fixedhours