Street Children Exposed to Dangerous Poisons | Fancywriter Blog
CHILDREN PLAY ON GARBAGE DUMP - NARA - 544794 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Street children and the dump sites The garbage dump sites in the major towns and cities in Kenya are believed to be home for street urchins who would always fight for leftovers. These dump sites are in some cases not at designated areas but scattered everywhere and in some cases near residential areas. The street children who are often seen cheering bloody fights between them scuffling for bags of leftovers are always exposed to dangerous and deadly poisons. Such is the life that those living in an around these dump sites are accustomed to. Domestic animals like cows and goats can be seen from time to time feeding on the wastes A decade ago, some of these toxic landfills in Nairobi were declared to be full and ordered by the health experts to be closed. But to date the site is still receiving wastes. In the year 2007, a study commissioned by the United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP), examined the health