Building a Healthy Community – Redefining the Community | Fancywriter Blog
Society for community Building healthy community starts with you. Look at the community you serve, a community of people with like interest and needs. Have you enabled them to talk, to share what they know and need to know, to support each other to do business together and socialize? You are probably working with a group of people who have shared concerns. The questions before us are about everyday life; will there be an adequate number of law enforcement officers patrolling our neighborhoods to keep us safe. Our program seek to start and expand public public forum process by offering numerous small gatherings at convenient dates and times, giving the opportunity to voice individual opinions, and educate citizens on complex issues. Above all, we no longer need companies, institutions and governments to organize us. We have the tools to organize ourselves. We can share and sort out our knowledge and behaviour. We can communicate and come together in an instant. We also have new ethics