A Year later – Perspectives on the West Midlands Music Industry – Scott Roe | Birmingham Music Network
A year on this is still an important piece of writing..... Band manager, label owner, promoter and magazine producer, Scott Roe certainly knows his way around the various paths to making a living in the music industry. Scott explains that we need to get our terminology right and then work out who is best placed to make creative use of public funding. The West Midlands' music industry - strengths and Weaknesses The West Midlands' music industry is a phrase that is used far too often in inappropriate ways. Often the phrase "industry" is used instead of business. My view is that if we truly look at the music industry sector within the region there is little to say or discuss as the industry infrastructure is very small indeed and what we have here is a string of related "music business" set-ups that work loosely within the wider music industry itself. The success of the region musically need not be tied to how much or little of a music "industry" infrastructure we do or don't have. It may