AU-Squat-Festival Frankfurt, Germany- squatted for 25 years | Birmingham Music Network
Birmingham based band Police Bastard have been invited to Frankfurt, Germany. On the 7 and 8th of June 2008 the autonomous cultural and living project and oldest squat in Germany, the AU in Frankfurt/Main, celebrates the 25th aniversary of the squatting. The AU can look back on 25 years of non-profit DIY concerts, soup/people's kitchen and many other great cultural and political events. The area offers a self-organized living space for a lot of different people.The AU is a political space which positions itself against each way of racism, nationalism, antisemitism and sexism. Sat 07.06. Open-Air Festival (AU-Fest) Bands playing are LIFE BUT HOW TO LIVE IT! (Norway), 1982 (Germany), POLICE BASTARD (UK), CHARGE 69 (France), NOISE ANNOYS (Germany) Doors open: 3 p.m., Theater for kids: 4 p.m., Start of concert: 5 p.m.! There are food-, info and other stalls. Please leave your dogs at home. Nazis and other assholes are not welcome! Benefit festival: As in the last years, the profits are