Benzer Publishing | EATFinland Helsinki 2017
The ninth EatHelsinki-year start! For us it is important that EatHelsinki-book leads you towards new experiences in the best restaurants in Helsinki. That's why we bring out diverse restaurant culture in Helsinki more appealing, stylish package. This year's book presents a genuine, CARELIA, Gaston, GASTROBAR EMO, Hoku, RIGHT, KOLMON3N, Lonna, PASTOR, PENNY, SICAPELLE and TOCA. As the edition is limited, you and your friends can not be satisfied from your book. Also this year, the top 12 restaurants, invites you to dinner! Each EatHelsinki restaurant offers one of the main course, when you look like a book. If there are set menus to get one main course of equal discount. The offer is valid until December 1, 2016 - 31 December 2017. What to do? Take with thee one or more of a friend to dine with EatHelsinki Restaurant. By displaying the book is one you ordered a main course is free in every restaurant. We wish you a good appetite and a successful evening!