Benzer Publishing | Blå kokboken
The BlåKokboken is up to the big success of the Rosa Kokboken I and II that slammed in 2014 respectively 2015 from the mainstream and the constellation Anna Benson. 100 kr per book was to favour fighting cancer. The Rosa Cookbook won two years in a row on the World Gourmand Awards. So far they have raised 1.6 million SEK to favour for the biggest cancer association in Sweden - Cancerfonden. Again we hope to reach at least 1 million SEK. Read more here. Contributors: Bert Karlsson, Börje Salming, David Hellenius, Edward Blom, Gabriel Forss, Ingvar Oldsberg, Oscar Zia, Patrik Sjöberg, Per Elofsson, Ralf Edström, Özz Nûjen och Stefan Sauk.