Want To Get Better At Sports? Try Yoga - Beauty Fashion Girl
Are you a basketball player, tennis, football, baseball, or soccer one? Maybe you’re into MMA, boxing, rock-climbing, or extreme sports – and you still think yoga is for hippies? Well it’s time to get hip to the fact that yoga is fast becoming the training regiment for high-end pro athletes like the NBA’s Lebron James, or the NFL’s Russell Wilson. Why? Because nothing stretches you out, increases your flexibility, calms you down, and helps you to focus better than yoga. Weights and treadmills are only a piece of the pie that go into baking a fully functional, high-octane athlete. A piece that’s becoming smaller and smaller each day, as more and more athletes are discovering the multitude of benefits associated with a dedicated yoga practice. So whether it’s Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, or the ever popular hot yoga – they all serve to take your game to the next level. Not convinced? Then check out the following 5 main reasons why adding yoga to your training is not only a bonus – but an absolute must!