Amazon Go: A step closer to the Mark of the Beast! - Beautiful People Magazine
Technology seems to be developing at a very fast pace nowadays. Every tech giant is rolling out a new product in a bid to gain more subscribers. And now, after months of running a series of tests and preparations, Jeff Bezos’s Amazon has rolled out its brick and mortar grocery store, the Amazon Go service. What is Amazon Go? Amazon go is a futuristic store in which shoppers can just walk in and walk out with whatever they want without having to deal with cashiers. This store has opened its doors in Seattle. Amazon Go will offer a check-out less shopping experience that has never been tried out by any other organization before. The store’s functionality basically revolves around the Amazon Go app. The Amazon go app is a free to download application that is available for both android and iOS. Upon entering the Amazon Go store, you scan the app at one of the entrance’s gates. You then proceed to the shelf with the desired items, grab whatever you want to buy and place it your bag. The application automatically bills your items up. To keep track of the items bought by a particular customer, the Amazon Go store... Read more »