Diabetes cases have skyrocketed - Beautiful People Magazine
Have you ever wondered what is the profit illnesses bring to Government? I will shock you with the fact that diabetes’s profit is more than $827 billion! Is the Government trying to kill us slowly with this? You know, it is profitable, you cannot doubt that. But, what makes me even angrier here is that, by Health Official, there are more and more children and young people which have diabetes. Do you remember the times when many kids had diabetes? Me, neither. There are nearly 167, 000 children nowadays that have a diabetes type 1, while more than 20, 000 have a type 2. We all know that good eating habits can make us healthier and first of all, they are a must when it comes to survival. But, what happened to our food? Who made it be this way? The food is literally sickening people. When you take a look at the grocery store, what can you see? At least 80% of the food can be classified by a total junk. Children and young people are always the ones who are targetted. You know, everyone drinks that soda, why wouldn’t I, right? Well, because there is too many sugar... Read more »