The Silent Epidemic in America - Beautiful People Magazine
When we take a look at the statistics, we can easily see that about more than 44,000 thousand of Americans die by suicide. Can you believe that suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US? This information makes me tremble. The saddest thing here is that the suicide is growing at the alarming rate and all of that between the teenagers. It is the horrible fact that these suicides happen between young people who are between 15-19 ages. The alarming rate is growing 40% per year! Since 2014 there was a terrible number of committed suicides among the young who aged 15-25. It was a horrific number of 5,079 in that year! The worst is yet coming! This alarming rate is becoming higher and higher! Who is responsible for these events? If I may admit, I would mention social media and of course mass media, which represent to the teenagers the image that they need to become. Have you known that these rates are especially alarming for young girls? Do these girls receive a message how they should look like and behave from the outside world? What bothers them? Low self-esteem? Some unfulfilled desires which are actually... Read more »