27 countries grace the second edition of Miss Africa beauty pageant at Calabar - Beautiful People Magazine
The much anticipated Miss Africa Beauty Pageant is finally here! The Pageant is set to take place at the Cross River State, Calabar-Nigeria. Twenty-seven of the expected contestant countries have landed at Calabar for the second edition of the Miss Africa Climate Change Beauty Pageant. The beauty pageant is the brainchild of the Prof. Ben Ayade-led administration. Its main role is to provide the much needed platform for creating awareness on the adverse effects of climate change and the impacts of climate change on our beloved planet Earth. Who are the contestants? After the lengthy and competitive audition process, several ladies were selected to take part in this year’s competition. Registration for the Miss Africa 2017 beauty pageant was received from across the African continent. It included 60-second videos submitted by the applicants as well as physical auditions held in three countries. Contestants were assessed by the reigning Beauty Queen Neurite Mendes in collaboration with other highly decorated panel of judges. The following is a list of the selected ladies: Algeria: Nassima Mechalikh Angola: Yulana Costa Botswana: Gaseangwe Palopi Burkina: Faso Josiane Lengani Burundi: Nikuze Annie Bernice Cameroon: Ruth Ule Adama Congo: Audrey Kayiba Ethiopia: Sallyana Abayneh Gabon: Marriam Eya... Read more »