The Confused World - Beautiful People Magazine
I was going for a walk a few days ago, the snow was falling and the park I visited seemed so beautiful…Everything was white and looked precious. I couldn’t ignore one thought which I think will interest you too. I saw some teenagers drinking wine literally at 12 p.m. It seems like something has changed since I was a child… And you know what, I am sure that the whole world globally is working to hide the God and real values from people. They are judging His existence all the time. From where to start? They have made the biggest lie ever! Have you realized, and I am sure that you have, how everything that is happening in the world is trying to eliminate the picture of a God? They are doing everything in their power to convince people that He doesn’t exist! But, who else can and should create life? Only God is capable of that. I just took another look at those beautiful trees covered with snow. What we learned in school was confusing at that age. Male and female are the chance products of evolution? Also, they cannot be determined by human choice. Why am I saying... Read more »