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Having a picnic on the beach is so relaxing and a great alternative to just eating dinner at home. It can be romantic, spontaneous, and a real treat! If you live near the beach, it’s also pretty convenient and who wouldn’t want to watch the sunset while enjoying a glass of wine and some food in the sand?! A beach picnic is perfect for a cheap date night! First, Find A Spot Find a beach near by for your sunset picnic. If you’re going for a more romantic date night, find a beach where you know there won’t be a crowd! Pack The Essentials What To Bring * Beach Blanket* Citronella Candle* Lighter* Beach Towel (just in case you want to go for a dip!)* Plastic Wine Glasses* Plastic Forks and Knives* Bluetooth Speaker* Cooler Bag or Picnic Basket (see my list below) Shop Essentials For You Next Picnic! Pack Your Cooler or Picnic Basket An insulated cooler bag works perfectly! You aren’t going to need to bring a ton of stuff so a medium size one with a handle would be best. There are tons of reasonably priced insulated picnic bags that will give you all of the different areas you need to pack your bag! What To Pack In The Cooler – Food & Drinks * Bottle of wine (or 2)* Wine opener if your bottle has a cork* Cheese* Crackers* Cured Meats* Hummus* Some type of sandwich to share* Dessert of your choice If you don’t have a cooler bag big enough, you can put the things that need to stay cold in your small cooler and just bring an extra bag with everything else. Arrive Before Sunset I would recommend getting to your beach spot a little bit before the sunset so you don’t miss it. This means you’ll need to look up when time the sun is setting and plan accordingly. Get All Set Up When you arrive at your beach, find a spot and spread out your beach blanket! I like to get there and get everything all set up so I can enjoy the sunset. And of course, pour yourself a glass of wine! I like to bring these plastic turtle wine glasses for outdoor activities like a beach picnic. They don’t break since they’re plastic and they’re easy to carry with you. Take A Walk In The Sand Did you know Beach Life Bliss was featured as one of the Top Beach Cottage Blogs to follow in 2019?! Thank you Feedspot for putting us on the list! Light Your Candle For Ambiance After it starts getting a little dark, it’s the perfect time to light a candle and enjoy the view. My favorite part of a sunset is the afterglow! 5-10 minutes after the sun is completely set, the sky illuminates in colors of red, orange, purple, pink, and blue. Let us know how your sunset beach picnic goes! Spread The Love, Pin It! Eat, Drink, Beach, RepeatOnly The Best Updates! Promise!Invalid email address Beach life inspiration, right to your inbox. You can unsubscribe at any time.Thanks for subscribing! Please check your email for further instructions.