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The Orange Blossom Villa is a vacation rental in downtown Lake Worth Beach. This fully stocked villa is in the perfect location and has everything you need to relax and enjoy paradise. Check out Green Parrot Vacation Rentals for all of their properties. You can rent the Organge Blossom Villa on AirBnb! Walking up to the property, you are greeted with an elegant brick walkway and this adorable sea foam green color scheme. The door, mailbox, and trim of the exterior are all painted in this fun accent and will make you feel like you’re at the beach! Open the door and immediately you notice this super cool retro orange refrigerator. Everything you need to cook a complete family meal is here for you. Don’t feel like going out on the town? Stay in and enjoy this modern and clean kitchen with open shelving. This orange refrigerator is everythingggg in this space! It’s like an art piece with function that makes a statement. Such a fun piece to add and can be a conversation piece right when you walk in the door! The simple kitchen table that seats 4 is perfect for this small kitchen. I love the retro green pendant light – it adds character and compliments the orange fridge so well! The living area also has some pops of that orange color to tie everything together. It’s simple and clean and the Terrazzo floors shine! This clean and spacious bedroom will make you feel like you’re in a luxury hotel. I love the use of white sheets and a white comforter when staying in a short term rental or Air Bnb. It makes me feel super clean and makes the space feel brighter! Another retro but clean part of this home is the bathroom! The green tile is a throwback from the 80’s and has been kept in PERFECT condition. I love that they kept this tile and incorporated it in the theme of the design inside. The cozy patio area is complete with a lounging area and tropical landscaping. The location of this rental can’t be beat! The Old Lucerne Historic district is right in the middle of our fun and eclectic beach town. Once you come to visit, you may not want to leave. Have you stayed at the Orange Blossom Villa? Let us know what you think! Spread The Love