| Why Fad Weight Loss Diets are Like Get-Rich-Quick SchemesBBIllustrations
I don't like the word 'diet'. When the word is mentioned, I immediately think short term, unsustainable, desire for a shortcut without the effort just like get-rich-quick schemes. Instead of starting the next diet or fitness fad to lose weight, would we have more luck if we explored our psychology and mindset around food, how we eat and what impact our individual personality plays into it all? Here are some juicy questions to ask yourself: 1) What does food mean to you? What emotional connection do you have with food? Do you eat when you are bored, for comfort and to relieve pain of a hard day, to reward yourself for being so good? Is the cooking process, sharing food with others, your love communication? 2) What type of eater are you? Do you have to continue eating until you feel full? Do you have to eat everything on the plate? Do you snack between meals? Are you an all or nothing eater? Is that closed packet of large salt and vinegar chips safe for one, two or no days in