| The Meaning of LifeBBIllustrations
I think there are very few people in the world who can sit comfortably in the idea that there is no meaning or point of life and that simply, you are born, you live and then die- full stop. Take for example those movies or books that suddenly end with no obvious plot line or theme. To make ourselves feel better in having spent wasted time for no reason, we try to come up with our own meaning whether it be explaining the movie or book as being "artistic", or that the writer had some deeper thought processes going on that is not easily identifiable to us, the audience. I have come to a conclusion that even if it turns out that there is no bigger meaning of life, the more important question to ask and answer is what personal meaning I want my life to have. What do I want to create? What story do I want to tell about my life looking back? Maybe we have been getting it the wrong way around all along with purpose and meaning? Instead of a frustrating search in life trying to find what is