| The Indie Author-Illustrator Journey beginsBBIllustrations
Well, it's been a long dry spell on the BB Illustrations blog but I'm back with some exciting news. I'm now a fledgling indie author-illustrator of three self published picture books. Now let's take a trip down memory lane where it all began... This is me in the photo, a little mini Belinda, reading one of my first picture books to a grade one student. I loved that class activity- writing, drawing the illustrations, having the teacher bind my book and then being able to read the book out loud to other students. It was in primary school, the little author-illustrator seed was sown but it was to stay dormant for many years..okay decades. Yes, at school I was very interested in art and I went onto to do TEE Art in year 11 and 12 however the writing thing well... that didn't come so easy. I was a poor speller. The words, even though they sounded great in my head, never came out on the page how I liked them. Last but not least I was a chronic self editor, writing and erasing as I went (and