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It's funny how once you become interested in a particular topic, it's not long before it becomes an obsession. That's how I feel about picture books. Lately, I've been hanging out in the picture book section of the local library feeling slightly awkward and a little in pain from bending down to the picture book height size shelves. All the websites and blogs I have been trolling through are related to picture books. I have also found a couple of fantastic podcasts about picture books like Let's Get Busy by teacher librarian, Matthew C.Winner. On his podcast, Matthew interviews both picture book authors and illustrators. He oozes enthusiasm and you get that sense he adores the process involved in the creation of a picture book. I have even signed up for a short course in November with a published picture book illustrator, James Foley. I'm thoroughly enjoying studying the picture book, dissecting (not literally) it down sentence by sentence, page by page to try and understand what makes