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That day of the breakup and in the weeks to follow it really did feel like the rug was pulled from under my feet, literally. Everything was uncertain, a big question mark. All motivation for continuing to renovate the house disappeared. What was the point? What the house stood for, it's identity for me no longer existed. To finish the renovations now was only a means to financially go our separate ways. We put so much meaning and sentiment behind our belongings. We wrap them up in memories. They become apart of our identity. They give us a sense of security. It's only when they have to be moved, or something happens to them (stolen, lost or burnt in a fire) do we really consider their true purpose. Take a minute and think about what if there was a fire in your house and you had to evacuate urgently. What would you take if you only had few minutes to decide? For me it would be my dog and my sketchbooks. Everything else is replaceable.....but really would I want to replace all of it,