| Shiny Object Syndrome and the challenge of finishingBBIllustrations
Coming up with ideas has never been a problem. I have books of ideas. When I shower, go for a run, walk to work, hear an interesting conversation during the day, up pops another idea to add to the collection. I love it but there is a darker side. I often have Shiny Object Syndrome or "Squirrel" distraction which means a lot of half completed tasks and projects. The illustration above I started over a year ago and for a long time it was left half finished. I had come to a challenging part of the illustration where the landscape wasn't blending in smoothly with the girl and her horse and I didn't have a clue how to finish the landscape. Along with drawing hands, feet, horses, I find it difficult to combine characters within backgrounds. I have to really work at it. Often the challenge turns into frustration which then turns into boredom and wanting to start another illustration (which equals Shiny Object Syndrome). This is what happened here. I went back to the illustration a number of