| Picture Book Reviews- Worst in Show by William Bee and Kate HindleyBBIllustrations
TITLE: Worst in Show AUTHOR: William Bee OTHER BOOKS WRITTEN BY WILLIAM Whatever and the train goes... Beware of the Frog Digger Dog Stanley the Builder Stanley's Cafe Stanley the Farmer Stanley's Garage Migloo's Day ILLUSTRATOR: Kate Hindley OTHER BOOKS ILLUSTRATED BY KATE: Don't call me Choochie Pooh! Oliver and Patch Jumble Cat How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth and many more... PUBLISHER: Candlewick Press SYNOPSIS: Take one boy , his beloved pet monster & a monster talent show. What do you get? A witty & wiffy tale for both boys, girls & the child at heart! WHERE WORST IN SHOW CAN BE PURCHASED: Worst in Show (Book Depository affiliate link) RATING: B+ For the fun writing and illustration style which has appeal to both children and adults (who don't mind a bit of toilet humor). Thumbs up for the level of detail in the illustrations with each turn of the page BOOK COVER DESIGN: I love the composition of this book cover design.