| Lessons from Grandpa about happinessBBIllustrations
I have a confession to make. I have a healthy appetite for reading books and articles about happiness. I also like reading books where the author argues against the pursuit of happiness. I think this obsession has a lot to do with trying to work out in my mind a problem. Why in the western world is the happiness industry of self help guides, life coaches and the science of happiness booming whilst the prevalence of mental health and people being prescribed anti-depressants is increasing? Is the very act of focusing on happiness and trying to avoid feeling the negative emotions actually making us more unhappy? Should our focus instead be on creating a meaningful life and if we are lucky, happiness is one of the end products? I don't really have any clear answers on these questions only some personal reflections about myself and also the people around me, in particular family. For instance, you may not be able to choose your family but you can decide what traits you admire in them and