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I would love your help to choose my first Picture Book cover for 'Kitty Cat and the New Pet'. Here are four mock-up designs I have created. Which cover immediately grabs your attention and makes you want to turn the page and read on? Please take only a few seconds to choose and vote down below. You can click on each of the covers to view them in a larger format. In a future blog post I will announce the chosen Picture Book design and also submit the design to the monthly e-Book Cover Design Awards on The Book Designer for critique. Thank you in advance for your opinion. Cover #1 Cover #2 Cover #3 Cover #4 Update 8th November 2015 So far there is only 1 vote difference between Book Cover Design 3 and 4. I have had some suggestions that Book Cover 3 would be a clear winner if it had the background colour of cover 4. I have now added a Cover #5 with this new suggestion and amended the voting poll. Cover #5