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Well here they are, the Character Turnarounds for my first picture book, "When Trevor Came to Stay". I struggled with drawing the turnarounds at first and thinking in three dimensions. After a lot of frustrated persistence and helpful tips from Draw with Jazza "How to draw a Character Turnaround" and Shoo Rayner's "Draw characters from different angles" I actually enjoyed the whole process. The first Character Turnaround is Kitty, who is the main character of the story. Kitty is the much loved family cat of Danny, Annie and their two children, Lilly and baby Max. She has the run of the household until Trevor, the new pet arrives and changes everything. Meet Trevor the new pet on the block. He is lovable, goofy and wouldn't harm a fly. His main goal in life is be everyone's friend. If only he could win over Kitty. Baby Max can be summed up in one word- ADORABLE. He loves his big sister, Lilly and follows her everywhere. Even though he is not the main character in this story, just