Feeling Like Your Mind Is “Cloudy”? It Could Be Brain Fog
You might know this feeling…sudden fatigue and difficulty concentrating or processing a conversation. Your head may feel “cloudy” or fuzzy, and you start to feel slightly forgetful (where did you put those darn keys?) Maybe you’ve been standing or sitting for a while, but afterwards you just don’t have the energy to be productive and effective. Or worse, you start to have feelings of anxiety and/or restlessness for no apparent reason. Feeling groggy or like your mind is cloudy and you can’t concentrate being the most popular complaint, these are the many descriptors of “brain fog”. Brain Fog: Why You Have It On a cellular level most research shows, and most in the medical field believe, that brain fog is caused by inflammation. High levels of inflammation can do a number on three important hormones in particular: serotonin, dopamine and cortisol. These hormones help us navigate life and our surroundings by helping control stress, keeping us alert at the same time as keeping us calm, as well as bringing about the feelings of motivation and joy. They communicate with the brain, and when they are continually under attack then they can trigger changes in the brain structure and connectivity. Inflammation [...]