RECIPE: Nourishing Mediterranean Bowl
My ultimate favorite cuisine that I will always and forever consider my go-to when it comes to starting a healthy diet is Mediterranean. It consists of simple and fresh ingredients / recipes, everything can easily be modified to be plant-based focused, and the flavors are light but bold in the slew of recipes that this type of cuisine offers. So today’s recipe is a nourishing Mediterranean bowl that combines some of my favorite flavors from my travels to this part of the world. It’s a simple combination of quinoa, curried chickpeas, beet dip, dairy free tzatziki and more. This is a complete vegan recipe. I used a lot of the ingredients that I received from Pangea Nutrition, which is a Mediterranean meal delivery service that I recently had the opportunity to test out. They deliver groceries directly to your door with recipes to create extremely easy Mediterranean meals – so the hassle of trying to figure out what to cook throughout the week (cause we know you’re already busy), is solved! So in this one article you’re getting 3 recipes that are then going into one big bowl, hooray! What Goes In The Mediterranean Bowl: A scoop of dairy-free Tzatziki [...]