This Herb May Be Able To Replace Your Evening Glass of Wine
Anxiety, it creeps up on many of us like an ex lurking in your DM’s out of the blue. For some folks, it hits at the end of the day or in the evening when we’re attempting to wind down. It’s sometimes during these moments that we’re trying to rest our minds and tune out, but instead our brain is whisked away with focusing on the stresses and troubles of our every day life. So many of us turn to an evening glass (or two) of wine to wind down and take the edge off, but did you know that there are herbs and botanicals that can give you the same effect without the next day hangover? Enter: Kava Kava, or more popularly known simply as kava. What exactly is Kava? In a nutshell, kava is a root hailing from the Pacific Islands and has been used for centuries to cure ailments like anxiety and pain. How Does Kava Work? Calms Anxiety: Studies that have been conducted using kava so far have shown that it helps reduce anxiety and helps you relax without making you feel groggy or experiencing any negative side effects. Studies also show that consuming kava long [...]