Healthier Summer Cookout Recipe Swaps
There’s always a reason to have a summer cookout filled with comforting recipes and lots of booze – from Memorial Day, to the 4th of July, and everything that happens in between like family gatherings or birthdays. The grill seems to always be on and poppin’ and traditional meals like potato salad and burgers being served. Yet with all the summer cookouts, there comes the added calories and foods that may hinder all of your hard work trying to stay on track with a healthy eating plan and your efforts in the gym. So I swung by Windy City Live to share some of my favorite recipe and ingredient hacks to make your summer cookout just a little bit healthier! You can either watch the video (it’s entertaining I promise), or check out the tips below: Summer Cookout Recipe Swaps 1: Make your burgers healthier (which will save you up to 500 calories) – More and more people are trying to reduce their meat consumption, so for those of you that are skeptical of going vegetarian or vegan, but still want to sneak veggies into everything you eat, try this trick: make your patties with half turkey meat, and half [...]