An Editor is your Manuscript's Bodyguard @AliciaStreet1 #mgtab - The Authors' Billboard
Novel writing is a lonely art. To complete a book, we have to sit alone writing word after word, page after page, gradually building a world only we can see, until we finally get it down on the page in a way that is clear and compelling enough to lure the reader into its grasp and keep her engaged throughout. How do we know if we’re on target? A good beta reader can help diminish the loneliness and give an author a helping hand, but there comes a time when every manuscript needs the eye of an experienced editor to support the transition from finished manuscript to polished book. Being an editor as well as an author, I’ve felt the relief and excitement from both sides of the fence when story craft issues are identified and revised in a content edit. And once the copy edit smooths out writing mechanics, honing a novel into a truly great ride for the reader, it’s like icing on the cake. One of the most important aspects of editing is the ability to zero in on what works best for a particular novel’s world and for the author’s narrative voice. One size does not Continue Reading →