Conflict and more conflict! - The Authors' Billboard
Hi everyone! I thought today I’d talk about conflict. None of us want it in our real lives but when it comes to a book or a movie, we sure do! I’m a peacemaker at heart, and creating two lovely people at odds with each other can be challenging for me. I’m working on my third book in my Heaven Christmas series, and it should be easy, right? But some books are more stubborn than others! The second book in the series practically wrote itself, and I know the beautiful town of Heaven, PA, and all the lovely people that live there, so what’s my problem? CONFLICT!! Everything is so nice and the people are great, but where’s the tension, the holding my breath, wondering what will happen next? It’s not there, I tell you!! So I plod along, knowing that without conflict there is no story. I wait for inspiration to hit. It always does. Sometimes I go for a walk and figure things out, sometimes it takes a while and is stubbornly hiding from me, but I always find the resolution to my problem. Today I googled conflict and came up with a short list that we as Continue Reading →