Exciting News about a new website you need to see to BELIEVE! #mgtab - The Authors' Billboard
You know when you move to a new house and everything is different, new to you and kinda fun because it’s a change? Well… that’s how I feel about what I’ve recently been working on. I finally had my website BELIEVE redone and it’s so much more functional and ahh…chic than the old set-up. In fact on my old blog, Twitter had closed my tweet button down and it was darn annoying. After a number of months trying everything both I and my extremely knowledgeable assistant, Barb Drozdowich, knew to do, we gave up and the new website went from being a “maybe someday” to becoming a reality. Sometimes a girl’s just gotta stop banging her head on the keyboard. I swear, if you look close enough, you’ll see letters engraved in my wrinkles. And… I know, there’s a faint bluish tinge to the walls in my office :-))) So come and visit, see the new banner reworked and check out my book’s page and find the freebies at the top. Please accept these gifts and know that I’m happy to share my novels with my friends. Of course, these aren’t the only accomplishments I can claim. I’ve also written Continue Reading →