Reading, reading, reading - The Authors' Billboard
I was a reader way before I was a writer–but not by much. My mom saved my first illustrated story about the fictional character Tracie (instead of Traci) and her pet ant named Blip. I think I was six…it wasn’t a blockbuster but it had a beginning, a middle and an end. My ant looked like a baked potato–which is why I never pursued art. In Stephen King’s On Writing, he is adamant that in order to be a good writer, you need to read. I think that because I write, and edit, I’d lost track of reading for enjoyment–audible really helps with a different way to get that story in! But for 2017 I made a promise that I would read again. Actual print books mixed with what I’ve got on my Kindle. I forgot how much I love devouring a story. Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl and Sharper Objects–wow. The gorgeous sentence structure, the characterization and, oh yeah, subject matter, all are on point. I’ve read The Road, Cormac McCarthy, an awesome tale of dark hope. I’ve started Elizabeth Chadwick, The Greatest Knight, oh, and I’ve read Magdalen Girls by V.S. Alexander, a timely historical about the Catholic Church Continue Reading →