Academy Awards Ceremony - the good, the bad, the ugly! - The Authors' Billboard
Millions of people were glued to the TV last night to watch the cream of Hollywood stroll down the runway in their designer dress and tuxes, and to celebrate their art, with all the glamour, the hype, the expectations, and rewards. Along with that comes crushing disappointment, and sometimes confusion and wounded pride. Last night was brilliant right to the end. How in the world did the wrong envelope get into Warren Beatty’s hand? He seemed at a loss, checking the envelope more than once before announcing the best film winner. La La Land – a story itself about hope and longing, and never giving up on your dream. A worthwhile, beautiful film. But then it was taken away and to everyone’s shock Moonlight was declared the winner. I have not seen this, so can not comment. But the horror and embarrassment of being up on stage, handed the highest honor of achievement, Best Movie, only to have it snatched away, was painful to watch. As writers we can identify with the Hollywood dream. Those who want to write a screenplay, those costume designers and everyone behind the scenes, the directors who want to bring out the best in each Continue Reading →