What is the RideSafely Auction fee? | RideSafely FAQ
All items on our site are subject to a RideSafely fee, with the exception of the promotional items that are marked with "Special Promotion – NO FEES" statement. The fee varies depending on the vehicle type, price, location and many other factors. Each vehicle listing has a FEE CALCULATOR next to the bid button. By entering an anticipated price and clicking the FEE CALCULATOR you will be able to verify the exact fees applicable to that particular vehicle. The fee we charge is for acquiring vehicles for our users. This standard fee is in addition to your offer amount and is visible in the `Fee Calculator` and during the bid submission. For example, if you submit a $10,000 offer, and the item is won on your behalf, the invoice total will be $10,000 purchase price + appropriate auction fees + RideSafely fee. Fee policy can be changed without notice.