Jeanne Taverne: Pushing for Healthcare in a Broken System | Graduate Program Blogs
Having worked as an RN for thirty-four years, Jeanne Taverne is well-acquainted with the struggles her patients face. “Unjust social and economic policies contribute to health inequity,” she says. “I have seen clients coming to our clinics that do not have access to health care because of lack of insurance. These clients need an advocate to help them navigate through the health system.” Last July, Jeanne, a genetic coordinator with the Department of Public Health in Cook County, Illinois, learned about the new Health Inequity and Care certificate offered by American University’s Anthropology Department in collaboration with National Nurses United (NNU). Seeing a chance to bolster her understanding of health issues and expand her advocacy efforts, Jeanne applied for the program and received a full scholarship from NNU (available to members of the union). With five core courses that address the root causes and features of health inequity--including neoliberal globalization,