During the VMAs, The Technology Behind the Magic | Graduate Program Blogs
Written by Paul Oehlers, Audio technology professor Behind Every Celebrity Lies Technicians and Technology Beyond Miley and Taylor, the Video Music Awards will provide a new batch of case studies to dissect and analyze. More opportunities to delve into the art and science of audio technology. I’ll watch the MTV Video Music Awards on August 30—but I’ll be watching a different show than most people. It’s just part of being an audio technician. I’ve been this way since I was a little kid. My memories of Disneyworld are much different than my sister’s. While she enjoyed the magic of the rides, I was looking under the seat, trying to find the air hose, and leaning over the edge to find the mirror that created the illusion. I was a magician’s worst nightmare. To me, there is no such thing as magic, just technology I haven’t figured out. I’m not afraid of Oz. I see the man behind the curtain. When the VMAs appear on television this week, I expect it will be more of the same for me.